Those Reindeer Games. . . .

Poor Rudolph. He was excluded from those reindeer games. Such is the life of a childless soon-to-be mama, 37, not yet preggo. You see, in this family-oriented town of Ocala, Fl. . . .if you have friends who have surpassed their brood making stage of say at least 1 child, they find if you don’t have any, you are undeserving of other mothers presence, you wouldn’t be interested in being “included” in the occasional birthday party, or get-together at the park. *I will procreate, dammit. And seriously, its getting redundant. The exclusion from mommy life. What will you do when I do pop out or adopt some babies? Shun me still?17022204_10208167763061006_8535001306002069909_n


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