The Initiative Production of a Testimony Present and Past

As I present my striving story, my wonderful hot mess of a diatribing years. . . .please note that I should be transposing my journals to blog format, commencing in several agonizing weeks. . . . . .If you feel you’ll be in my stories, well that’s just grand, because you deserve the accolades OR confinement of shame on my pages. I’ll be writing about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Mental Illness as the Rape, Abandonment, high standards of parenting gone wrong, addiction to consumption of caloric intake, riled with anger as it very should be, displayed in due time, healing in tow. . . .I triumph over fear now, and honor my Jesus, who has redeemed and is continuing to heal the rife wounds that linger. . . . . . . .ready to be unleashed to tell of my TEST. . .imony. . ..Because it was a test of resolve, of steadfast living. Bound before, now I  “T H R I V E”, free.


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